November Exhibition featuring at the Gallery is called Tranquil Days.
Kate Douglas and Robyn Gaudion have come together to exhibit their work from the 13th November until December 10th.
This is what they had the say about their work…

Kate Douglas
These paintings are based on quiet moments in nature – times I’ve been compelled to look further into the landscape, wondering what’s in the distance. Inspired by nature’s calming effects, this work continues my ongoing exploration of human connection to the environment.
Contrast and light play are an integral part of my practice. To this end I use ink with watercolour or dense acrylics. I often omit horizon lines and other references in order to draw the viewer into the scene. This offers a journey to the interior – introspective and hidden.

Robyn Gaudion
As a painter I’ve been blessed to live with the awe inspiring views of Manly Harbour and surrounds for many years and that’s certainly given me the desire to create paintings with a feeling of joyous calm that this environment embodies ……..I hope that is portrayed in these works.
My studio work is always founded in plein air studies as light and mood have to be right to spark my need to put paint to canvas.

I do hope viewers enjoy seeing this work, perhaps get lost in it for a time and most importantly, gain something positive from the experience.