The federal government’s instant asset write-off scheme was Introduced at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, it allows businesses with a turnover of less than $500 million to write off assets worth up to $150,000. The scheme, originally expiring at the end of June has now been extended until December 2020.

Have you considered purchasing Art for your business? Do you see art as an asset?

Over the last few months during the Covid19 pandemic mental health concerns have been a priority for businesses as their staff face a whole new way of working. Most of us are affected by our visual surroundings in some way, harsh strip lighting, crowded and cramped office cublicals, or those boring white walls in the office can have a negative impact on staff happiness more than you realise.

In recent years, businesses are committing to new mental health initiatives, from having trained mental health first-aiders to offering gyms, yoga classes at the office, indoor plants, specific decor colour choices, specific furnishings and even bringing in pets.

Businesses of all sizes are looking for ways to keep their workforce happy and motivated as the global cost of mental illness through lost productivity and staff turnover is estimated to be around $2.5 trillion annually, due to burnout, stress, depression and anxiety.

To address this, art is being used by more businesses to engage their clients and employees. Whether it is buying oil paintings for the walls, sculptures in the foyer, or an audio-visual presentation for an event, art can provide a variety of tools to improve how we feel in the workplace. Artwork can inspire employees to think and work more creatively, and help keep a workforce engaged and happy. It has also been shown to decrease the boredom of monotonous tasks and reduce stress. It also increases productivity, enhances commitment, broadens employee appreciation of diversity, and encourages discussions.

The one global language is Art as it builds connection between people, and between ideas. Modern day art in particular goes beyond the pictorial, and genuinely challenges the mind.

In the working environment Art also helps to enhance community and customer relations by way of promoting networking opportunities, specifically in businesses such as banks serving large client bases.  The art hanging on the walls can include links to the community, especially art from local artists, but also can depict how the company wants to be identified.  We were so pleased to see our local Wynnum Bendigo Bank recently purchased a local indigenous art piece depicting the local area.  Artwork displayed in a waiting room, meeting room or reception area can invoke a feeling of comfort and helps put customers and visitors at ease. It  indicates a dynamic and forward thinking company culture and can depict the success of the company.

Look around your office and see what areas need brightening up and where you could hang some art. Why not involve your employees and find out what they would like hanging on the walls, or find some options on sites that sell art online and propose some options to them. Check out some local Brisbane galleries or look at art online for Australian art for sale.

Now is the time to purchase that artwork for your business or if you are intending to set up a workspace at home then let us help you with the perfect artwork.