Terms and FAQs


Our Service
Manly Harbour Gallery provides a service to artists over 18 years of age, for them to sell their original artwork or prints via an online gallery to individuals interested in purchasing artwork.

All information that you provide to Manly Harbour Gallery is truthful, accurate and current.

Manly Harbour Gallery charges 30% commission on every artwork sold on the website.

Any artwork posted for sale by you must be original, of your own creation and you must hold sole, exclusive rights to that artwork, and any image represented in that artwork is not an unauthorised copy or reproduction of work by another artist or photographer. Manly Harbour Gallery is not legally responsible for images posted on our website by an artist and any legal action by outside entities in regards to copyrlght is to be pursued directly with the artist.

Works can be sold framed or unframed, this needs to be stated clearly in the artwork’s description, or title.

It is the artist’s responsibility to notify Manly Harbour Gallery if any artworks listed with us sells somewhere else.

Manly Harbour Gallery reserves the right to reject and remove any artwork from the Manly Harbour Gallery website at any time.

It is your responsibility to make sure that all work submitted to the site is a true representation of the work for sale and the description attached to the listing, accurate, truthful and sizing exact. Where an artist’s work has been sold and shipped, and the work has been found to have been inaccurate or misrepresented by the artist to the purchaser, then the work will be returned to the artist with shipping paid for solely by the artist, and a full refund given to the purchaser.

It is your sole responsibility to comply with Australian Tax laws when selling work on the Manly Harbour Gallery website.

Prices stated in each of your artworks listings must be of a reasonable value, and reflect the value of the similar artwork when offered for sale via other avenues if sold directly or as consignment.

Shipping and shipping insurance costs should be included in the selling price of artwork posted for sale, as artists are responsible for shipping and insurance costs.

Use of Artwork lmages
Artist’s retain the moral rights of all images they have personally uploaded to the Manly Harbour Gallery website.

Manly Harbour Gallery promises to credit artist’s names alongside the tide of the relevant artworks or images. Manly Harbour Gallery will not knowingly use images of artworks in a manner that damages their meaning and/or hurts the reputation of the artist.

By uploading images to the Manly Harbour Gallery website please be advised that you are agreeing to the use of those uploaded images for promotional purposes on site, in subscription emails and in advertising via Google, lnstagram and Facebook.

How will I know when my art has sold?
When an order has been placed for your artwork, you will receive an email to your nominated email address confirming the purchase and containing the buyers delivery address. This means that the payment has cleared and you are okay to organise the packaging and posage of the artwork. The artwork will automatically appear with a “SOLD” tag on the Manly Harbour Gallery website.

Manly Harbour Gallery guarantees a 10 working day delivery timeframe from payment by the buyer, to the art being delivered to the customer. Longer if the seller or buyer should be located in a remote location.

When will I get poid for my art?
Transfer of funds, minus the sales commission of 30%, to your nominated bank account will occur once payment has been finalised and the artwork is delivered.

Shipping Guidelines
Shipping and shipping insurance fees for work sold on the Manly Harbour Gallery website is included as part of the artworks selling price. So it is the artist’s responsibility to include an amount that they believe is a reasonable amount for shipping. Manly Harbour Gallery does not add shipping at the shopping cart. Artists are responsible for shipping and insurance costs.

If artwork is not packed in a timely manner for delivery, any extra costs will be at the artist’s expense. Failure to pack artwork securely and satisfactorily may result in art being damaged in transit. If damage is to occur as a result of unsecure and unsatisfactory packaging, customer return and refund costs will be solely at the selling artist’s expense.

Our expectations on marketing, photographing and packaging see the Artist Handbook page.

All artworks must be signed for when delivered, unless requested otherwise by the customer for the artwork to left somewhere safe.