Anne Armstrong

Anne was born and raised in the goldfields of Western Australia, and lived in Ireland and Canberra before finally making her home in Brisbane.   She has always been driven to create.

A variety of subject matter, mediums and techniques are used.  She works in pen, pencil, watercolour inks and acrylics, enjoys experimenting and will combine mediums (eg wax crayons and watercolour inks) to get the particular effect she is wanting.  Sometimes her work is black and white and other times bright colour, sometimes the defined exacting detail of architecture and other times the freedom of landscapes and contemporary scenes.

She is fascinated by shapes, textured effects, light and shadows and colour.  Nature – especially clouds, trees, flowers, rolling hills, lush tropical gardens  and the bush of Western Australia, have always been a rich source of inspiration.  Because of her love of shapes, she is also constantly seduced by the detail of Qld architecture with its many shapes, shadows and wooden trims.

Beauty (even dark beauty) in any form inspires her.  It is important to her that her paintings also have some sort of ‘life’ connection – she wants her paintings to uplift rather than depress, especially as the world situation seems to grower darker and more depressing.  Because beauty can be found in the most unlikely of places and is not easily categorised, to be able to express something of the emotion that it evokes on canvas and share it with others is a constant challenge.

Janice Lamb

I live in the beautiful city of Brisbane and have done so for the past 25 years.  Prior to this I travelled extensively and have seen some wonderful places.  One memorable trip was spent six months travelling the Mediterranean and Europe and sketching the whole way.  On returning home I decided to try painting.  I studied at BIA in Windsor for 5 years loving every minute of it.

My choice of medium is acrylic because I love the brilliant colours that can be achieved.  I am constantly trying new ideas and different mediums enjoying both pastel and watercolour.

Now living in Wynnum Manly, I facilitate art classes for beginners at Wynnum Manly Arts Council every Monday and run regular workshops in watercolour and acrylics.

Deb Brown

Originally from Sydney, I have lived in London, Port Moresby and am now residing in Manly, Brisbane where there is an abundance of inspiration with beautiful sunrises, sunsets, boats bobbing in the bay or racing, bird life, flora and fauna.  Loads of inspiration.

I have been fortunate to study art under Margarette Looney, who introduced me to the wonderful world of colour, Piet Noest who opened my eyes to what I could achieve and the talented De Gillett who introduced me to texture and inks; a technique I continue to enjoy.  I am constantly on the lookout for workshops where I can forge new skills with the latest passion being water marbling with Bronwyn Rayner of raynbowcrowstudios.

Apart from painting, I have created a market for my original artwork designs on saris, scarves, pocket squares, cushions, marbled glass ware and serviettes.  These are all sold through Manly Harbour Gallery


1995 ‘Hoopla’- Highly Commended: The Great Australasian Circus

2015 ‘The Fifth Dimension’- Highly Commended: Aspire Gallery

2017 ‘Lost’- Highly Commended: Lion MacGregor Extravaganza

2017 ‘Where Waters Meet’- People’s Choice: PUK

2020 – ‘Just the Two of Us’- Viewer’s Choice: Manly Harbour Gallery

Artwork for sale