This painting is about Winnam creek and the connection that Quandamooka  people have with the Bayside area that goes back thousands of years.

Moreton bay was once a swampy land area. Quandamooka people would roam the area from the islands which were the outer dunes, across to Winnam, Redlands and the southern bay areas. This continued as the sea levels rose and the bay filled with water. Trips by koondool (canoe) would be made from Minjerribah (Stradroke is) and Mulgumpin (moreton is) to mainland Winnam to hunt gurranum (flying fox). Ceremonies would take place at Elenora park. In more recent years,  Quandamooka fishing families relocated to Winnam to be near the fish market at wynnum creek and others moved for schooling near those already located at Winnam.

The painting shows the creek, the mullet run. At the top are the three clans that make up the Quandamooks people. The Noonukal, Goenpul and Ngugi are at camp at Elenora park north of the creek. See the Bungwal ferns that are found along the creeks. The roots of which were groud up into a flour and made into cakes that were roasted on fires.  Below the ferns are some shells commonly found in the bay middens. Periwinkles, oysters, quampies, cockles. I included this in the painting  because a middden site existed near where the train line crosses over Wynnum creek.

Alicia Close
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
76 x 61 x 4cm

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Weight1 kg
Dimensions76 × 61 × 4 cm