Thank you for hanging your beautiful work at the gallery
and for a wonderful exhibition Sandra.

For anyone who may not have had the opportunity to visit the gallery and view her exhibition in person,
here is a little about Sandra’s art practice and the artwork available for sale.

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Sandra Temple

“From monochrome to staggeringly colourful, Mother Nature is an inspiration for every artist.” Sandra Temple

In conversation with Sandra

Why do you work in the medium that you do?
From the start of my art career I knew to get the results I wanted, I needed to use quality materials. For my first solo exhibition (at 17 years old) I worked in graphite, pen and ink and pastels. These were relatively inexpensive and I enjoyed the tonal contrasts and the many textures I could create.
Later, as I started working, part of my pay was saved to increase my art materials. Firstly coloured pencils, gouache, watercolours, then oils and finally acrylics.  I never understood why artists would tell me to choose a medium and concentrate on it. Each painting wanted to be painted in a certain way so I obliged.

What medium have you always wanted to try?
Working in all mediums, including airbrush, body paint and sculpting materials I have one thing I really want to learn to use… digital. I was hoping to learn digital illustration in 2020 but we all know what happened then.

Describe your “Year in Review”.
When our part of the world went into shut down, I could no longer teach face to face. I had to learn how to teach online. Although a big learning curve, I rather enjoyed working to the camera, having the bird songs in the background and the cat jumping into frame for a critique.
Seems my students mostly enjoyed the tutorials too, and they got to re-wind me whenever they wanted too. They encouraged me to work towards getting my own app so I can teach online world wide.

Why are you drawn to a certain style of art?
Creating in a realistic style seems to make sense to me. I try and share with the viewer what inspired me to paint the subject. A close encounter with a sleeping lion; the awe inspiring colours of an owl on a lichen covered branch in full moonlight.
I consider art a visual language and I’m best able to communicate it with realism.

What is your favourite art quote?
You cannot improve if you never make mistakes.

What are your steps for creating art?
1. Sketching out ideas, then looking through my reference photos and sketches to work from.
2. Transferring the image, blocking in the main colours and tones.
3. Adjusting what I have to what it needs to be.
4. Details.

Artwork for sale