Kim Knight

Ever since I can remember, I loved drawing and painting and when, as a six year old,  my parents bought me a Crayola kit one Christmas my love of art really began to take shape. Throughout my schooling, I had dreams of becoming an art teacher. I painted a few things here and there and also dabbled with pastels and pencils, creating a few pieces that hang in the homes of my family to this day. I studied for an Associate Diploma in Graphic Design during my twenties when I lived in Sydney but I never really had the confidence to leave my drafting position and take the leap of faith into the art world. The years flew by, I got married and had a beautiful girl and finally, this year, I began to paint again. I have for the most part, lived near the ocean so my love of this is portrayed in my paintings. I like to try and convey a snapshot of the area and also add in a few little quirks that aren’t in the picture at all. I get a real kick out of standing back and looking at my completed paintings and it is very gratifying when someone wants to hang it in their home. Painting, for me, is definitely my happy place.