Jess King

I studied Visual Communication, worked professionally in the advertising industry and started a design agency which has been running for several years. After immigrating to Australia I continued to work as a visual artist but felt the need to express myself in a less structured way. As a child I always loved to draw and paint and decided to try my hand once again. It wasn’t long before I found myself completely immersed in the art world, brush and paint in hand.

I love to experiment with texture and colour, working in acrylics, ink, charcoal, pencil and mixed media, using varying techniques and multiple layers within my paintings – some on canvas and some on glass.

I also create digital art, using a tablet and pen I have a range of artworks purely created on technology and all of which are limited edition. These are hand signed and numbered as they are ordered.

Experimenting in all mediums I also have a range of merchandise products, which are lovingly hand painted or poured and resin sealed.