Jenny McNamara-Furlong

My graphic design background influences my style of rendering in the use of bold graphic images and colours. I use my design skills to interpret the content of my photographs, and simplify the images and colours to create my work. 

I have experimented with various art processes and mark making techniques and been involved in and exposed to a variety of art practices. Combining techniques I have used previously with these new experiences, my artwork has evolved. My current body of work still relies on bold colours and graphic images, but I have added the element of texture by using layering techniques and mixed media. I believe I have added depth and substance to my work. 

I taught in my field of Graphic Design at tertiary level but now share my visual art journey as a private art tutor and workshop presenter. I am very involved with community art projects in the Bayside suburb of Wynnum. 

There are two dimensions to my art practice: exhibiting artist and the business of jmac-art. Through my brand jmac-art, I design and hand produce quality designer merchandise using images from my original artwork. 

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Jenny McNamara Furlong, Abstract city painting, Manly Harbour Gallery, Brisbane Art Gallery

City Lights

Red Coral

Silver Fish

Mullet Running at Hastings Point

Wetlands Waterlilies White

Wetlands Waterlilies Pink

Native Arrangement

Lota Yacht

Lota Dinghy


Hastings Point Studies

Striped Blue Vase

Blue Vase

Pink Water Lilies

Wetlands in Flower

Pot of Colour