The well-known saying that “Home is where the heart is”, I think truly reflects the deepest meaning of the word home.  “Home”,   be it the house where you live, the surrounding neighbourhood, the suburb,  the city or even the country in which you were born and grew up, somehow tugs at the soul. “Home” is where you can be truly yourself, where you feel you belong, where you feel safe, where you ‘fit’. Home is a word that has deep spiritual significance that cannot be easily explained, cannot be easily defined or categorised, but can certainly be ‘felt’. 

I am not a Queenslander by birth, but from the moment I arrived in Brisbane in December 1987 there was an instant connection with the Queenslander architecture; somehow, I felt I had come home. This is probably the only explanation for my obsession with painting Queenslanders. The verandahs, the shady trees, the greenness of the grass, the screamingly bright colours of the flowers, the deep fragrance of the frangipanis, the artistry of the lattice work and fancy trim, the vibrant house colours and the interesting shadows – all are tasty “happy” food for my soul.  I hope you can also get a sense of joy from these paintings – and you never know – you might find your own home among them.

Anne Armstrong

Anne was born and raised in the goldfields of Western Australia, and lived in Ireland and Canberra before finally making her home in Brisbane.   She has always been driven to create.

A variety of subject matter, mediums and techniques are used.  She works in pen, pencil, watercolour inks and acrylics, enjoys experimenting and will combine mediums (eg wax crayons and watercolour inks) to get the particular effect she is wanting.  Sometimes her work is black and white and other times bright colour, sometimes the defined exacting detail of architecture and other times the freedom of landscapes and contemporary scenes.

She is fascinated by shapes, textured effects, light and shadows and colour.  Nature – especially clouds, trees, flowers, rolling hills, lush tropical gardens  and the bush of Western Australia, have always been a rich source of inspiration.  Because of her love of shapes, she is also constantly seduced by the detail of Qld architecture with its many shapes, shadows and wooden trims.

Beauty (even dark beauty) in any form inspires her.  It is important to her that her paintings also have some sort of ‘life’ connection – she wants her paintings to uplift rather than depress, especially as the world situation seems to grower darker and more depressing.  Because beauty can be found in the most unlikely of places and is not easily categorised, to be able to express something of the emotion that it evokes on canvas and share it with others is a constant challenge.

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