To Curate : Is to select, organise and look after items in a collection.

As art directors of a gallery it is our job to curate the collection of art in the gallery to create a space that is pleasing to walk into and to showcase each work as individual pieces. It is important to hang and place artwork so that each one compliments the other. Not an easy task in our gallery because of the diverse range in our collection. Curating also extends to the textiles and 3D items we place amongst the hanging work.

Last Friday we had some beautiful new artworks delivered for this months display, so it was time to change up the Gallery.
The floor of the gallery became our walls, placing the new artworks on the floor and around the walls, looking for common themes between the new work and what was on the walls. We were looking for common themes across the art: subject matter, colour, textures, or even framing, something that would tie each work together.

We don’t usually do this during opening hours but when we started it was just going to be changing over a few pieces…well one thing led to another and a couple of hours we set aside became 3 hours, then 4 and I think it was 5pm before we closed up for the day…Jess and I love a good change up, it freshens up the gallery and it is amazing how some artworks aren’t noticed till we move them to a new position.

As the customers came in during our fun, they carefully navigated their way through the gallery as we apologised for the disorganisation.
There was one particular customer who was so fascinated by Jess and I rationalising the placement of the art she quickly became involved in the process. She was so lovely and it was actually very helpful to have someone looking over our shoulders with fresh eyes. We had a great time and at the end of the day we were all very happy with how the gallery looked. Our lovely customer said that she learnt a lot from the process and told us it was also way more fun than going home to do the housework!

In a nut shell this is what she learnt:

A hanging system made the hanging process very easy. Our system was purchased and installed through Brisbane business Hangzen. It makes sense to use this system in your homes, unless you like filling and patching holes in your walls every time you have the urge to rearrange you artwork. Hangzen have a variety of systems, and do a lot of domestic work these days. Give them a call if you are keen to know more.
Grouping different artwork on a wall can be done by finding a common theme to connect them.
Group the art on the floor before you start to hang on the wall.
Grouping tiny works together to create one larger shape works really well if you only have a few or they are mixed sizes and frames.
Placing certain colours or textures next to one another can change the way you see each piece and combining or contrasting subjects adds interest. Photos, paintings, 3D artworks and textiles can hang together in harmony to create a visual story.

If you are looking for a particular piece of art for your visual story, check out our website or come into the gallery for a chat. Most of our artists are very happy to do commissioned work that we can organise.
Beginning of June, we change it up again for our next exhibition. Invites will go out soon for our opening event, subscribe through our website to be added to our data base so you don’t miss out.