Catherine Moon

Shibori originates in Japan and it is a form of fabric dyeing that means to wring or press. I produce one of a kind wearables and art pieces using Shibori techniques that are influenced by the huge variety of rich and intense colours that are so much a part of the Australian landscape.  I endeavour to reflect the combination of these colours together with my interpretation of Shibori techniques within my work. 

My formal studies in Textiles and Design have led me to an in-depth study of fabrics and dyes.  My practice focuses on the use of Natural dyes sourced from all over the world.

I  have taught extensively throughout Australia and have exhibited at The World Shibori Symposiums in Paris and Hong Kong.  I have had my work purchased by galleries and private collectors.

I have work published in Textile Fibre Forum Magazine, Embellish Magazine and Textiles,The Art of Mankind by Mary Schoeser.