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206, 2019

June Exhibition Opening

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Both Jess and I are exhibiting for June and you are invited to our opening. We are both excited to show everyone our new work. Come on in on the 14th June at 5.30pm to [...]

2605, 2019

The Creative Process of an Artist

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The creative process requires the use of both sides of our brain.  The free thinking right brain controls our ideas, inspiration, and most of the production process, while our analytical left brain is in charge [...]

1905, 2019

10 Reasons to Buy Art

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Why do people buy art? A question that gets answered every time we sell an artwork in the gallery. A lot of the answers are different but this article I found seems to sum up [...]

1205, 2019


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To Curate : Is to select, organise and look after items in a collection. As art directors of a gallery it is our job to curate the collection of art in the gallery to create [...]

505, 2019

A Conversation About Framing

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Customer (mid 20’s) : That artwork is expensive don’t you think? Me : The work is professionally framed with a double matt behind glass and would have cost the artist between $150-$180 Customer: Wow the [...]

2804, 2019

Art Changes Lives

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You’re website needs a blog they all said… As Jess is the website developer and the technical expert in this partnership I thought it was only fair that I put my hand up to be [...]