3006, 2019

What is Digital Art?

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Image by Sean Jakes-Wass A question we have often been asked….. Digital Art (sometimes called New Media Art) is the modern term used for artworks that are created by using non- conventional methods or technology. [...]

2306, 2019

Arts Education – Interesting Article

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Photo:Researcher-Andreas Schleicher giving evidence to the Education Select Committee Following on from last weeks blog I found this very interesting article by Georgia Snow - Feb 27, 2019 ...The arts could become more important for [...]

1606, 2019

Why should we encourage a love of Art in children?

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We had a mum and preschooler pop into the Gallery the other afternoon after school pick up and the visit has prompted this Blog. This beautiful mum was walking around with her son and she [...]

906, 2019

The Art of Merchandising

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Quite a few of our artists earn income from multiple sources, including selling products bearing their art or design. Both Jess and I have a Graphic Design background so when we see images of our [...]

206, 2019

June Exhibition Opening

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Both Jess and I are exhibiting for June and you are invited to our opening. We are both excited to show everyone our new work. Come on in on the 14th June at 5.30pm to [...]

2605, 2019

The Creative Process of an Artist

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The creative process requires the use of both sides of our brain.  The free thinking right brain controls our ideas, inspiration, and most of the production process, while our analytical left brain is in charge [...]