Zygmunt Libucha

Marble and bronze masterpieces by sculptor Zygmunt Libucha include sublime figurative works and abstract forms created with exquisite attention to detail.

A veteran sculptor with life-long experience in the arts, Zygmunt is a two-time winner of the Shillam Sculpture Prize among other awards. His works are exhibited at galleries across Australia and grace private collections around the world. The Polish-born Brisbane-based artist, who works mainly in Carrara or Black Chillagoe marble as well as bronze, has brought classical European sculpting techniques to the Australian arts scene. Zygmunt also sets himself apart with a traditional approach to art in that the work’s beauty speaks for itself. All the sculptures  are created in Brisbane. The marble and onyx sculptures are one-of-a-kind. Bronze sculptures are in edition of 12 or 50, depending on the size.

‘Working for many years as a silversmith I developed a great need for details and even now when I sculpt on a larger scale I cannot divorce myself from it,’ says Zygmunt. ‘Although the amount of time I spend on each sculpture increases enormously, the more it takes the better. I guess I want to enjoy every piece of stone as long as possible. I love to carve in marble the most accurate and crisp lines and the unforgivingness of stone makes it more challenging.’