Catherine Hamilton-Jones

Born and bred in Queensland, I am a Brisbane based visual artist who works mainly in acrylics and oils.  My main preference is to paint landscapes and seascapes. I feel very privileged to live in Australia where I have ready access to some stunning and varied subject matter. I often draw inspiration for my paintings from places that I have visited around Queensland.

I had the opportunity to study visual art after high school, but on an impulse took a creative detour into studies in fashion and interior design. Despite helping me to develop artistically, these disciplines were not quite the right fit for me. I then spent several years studying psychology, working in Human Resources, and trying many different jobs. Now I find that I have come full circle and returned to the occupation I enjoy the most, painting full time.

My paintings are realistic in style, rich in colour and display my keen eye for detail.  I am often told that my work reminds people of a special place or holiday memory. My main creative aim is to provide the viewer with a sense of enjoyment or connection and invite them to share my fascination with the unique beauty found in Australian landscapes and along our coastlines.