Malissa J

Jewellery Artist

As an artisan, my work is inspired by the natural world around me as well as the ingenuity of humans as they venture into creating a manmade world. To emulate the natural is a high goal and though it may seem unattainable, the spirit of what I see and experience is sometimes the best I can hope for.

I aim to create unique, meaningful and elegant jewellery finished to a high quality.

Silversmithing, metalwork and enamelling are my preferred techniques. Although I am able to draw on other techniques to produce my art where they are most appropriate.

As an emerging artist I have used the last three years to practice my skills, learn new techniques, trial combinations of these techniques and to be inspired by artists far and wide. I now find myself to be ready for my next challenge. That is to develop a style of my own, creating pieces that echo what inspires me in nature and art.