ClayPress Ceramics

Ceramics at Manly Harbour Gallery

Nicole Speakman is a local emerging artist who specialises in hand-built ceramics. She has been studying ceramics since 2012 and honing her style under the tutelage of Richard De Hann, a highly-skilled ceramicist. Nicole works at her home studio in Manly in Brisbane’s bayside where the beauty of her local area provides Nicole with endless inspiration for her craft. Nicole has always been drawn to nature with its vibrant and diverse beauty. She finds her creativity is encouraged by microscopic molecules, through to elaborate flowers, and even whimsical cloud formations. Inspiration for Nicole can be found in anything and everything that nature has to offer. As a result her work is constantly evolving. At present Nicole is keen to achieve soft, gentle, curved formations. She loves the movement both in the glazes and clay forms of the pieces she’s been firing. This natural flow extends into her current body of work as she draws her inspiration from fungi coral, feather stars, and sea urchins, which can be found in the underwater world near her bayside home. Nicole’s work will add a gentle, yet striking contribution to any collection or home. Each of Nicole’s pieces is created with her ethos of unstructured soft lines, enhanced by her subtle use of natural hues to give it life. Many of Nicole’s pieces are also functional, which make them an ideal choice for a discerning and thoughtful gift. Nicole formed ClayPress Ceramics in 2017 to facilitate her goal of exploring and expanding her artistic goals. Nicole’s work is held in private collections locally and further afield.