You’re website needs a blog they all said…
As Jess is the website developer and the technical expert in this partnership I thought it was only fair that I put my hand up to be the Blogger of MHG…EEEK!
Step 1… Google: “how to blog” …
Rule one of blog writing, Humanise your blog.
So here goes people, hope you enjoy…

BLOG 1… (Although technically it is the 4th one)……Art changes lives by Jenny

ART bought us together and certainly changed our lives in more ways than one.

Jess and I both met as exhibiting members of The Old SchoolHouse Gallery Inc in Cleveland and we both had experience in management committee roles. Roles that were challenging, rewarding and a huge learning curve. Jess came into the membership after me and we had an instant connection. Apart from the fact that we were both artists and Graphic Designers, we both have 2 children 5 years apart in age and we nearly share a birthday (10 years and 1 day apart, I’m the older one if you were wondering ). FYI: 16th and 17th July…..feel free to shower us with birthday wishes when you come in…

Our first exhibition together really cemented our friendship and our artwork just worked so well together which I might add was not planned.

Two years later over a cup of coffee we both realised we had a common dream, opening an Art Gallery. The Manly Gallery space had been vacant for over 18 months and it was a no brainer that this was the space for us. I had exhibited for many years with Janet Stevenson and it was great to be back.

With the help of family and friends we renovated the space and on the, 26th of January we opened the doors, showcasing beautiful artwork from local artists and artisans.

Just as art bought Jess and I together, it has also bought us together with some amazing artists.Through our gallery and website we hope to provide connections between them and you that will change your lives as well. Through this blog I hope to educate, inform and dazzle you all with stories about our artists, different art practices and interesting arty things. ( That sounded technical….well I did tell you I was the least technical one of the partnership)

Stay tuned for Blog 2…Rule 2…make a blog informative….
Please feel free to let me know how I am doing, happy to take constructive criticism and if there is anything you would like to know send me a message.