Designer Application

Looking to increase sales and get your brand known?

We have adapted our business and invested time and money to create an online selling environment for our artists, designers and makers. Our digital footprint is increasing daily and our customer base is Australia wide. Let us help you showcase your creations in our Art Gallery. You pay $50 admin fee per month and we:
  • Sell your work in our bricks and mortar gallery gift shop and through our online gift shop
  • We manage your online space, you only have to send us images
  • We will promote you through e-catalogues emailed regularly to our ever growing data base. Also through our social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram and now Pinterest
  • We have a long history in marketing and branding so we are able to guide you to become a more visible brand
  • We take a low gallery commission of 30% on sales and you set your prices accordingly
  • We have no lock in contracts and no exclusivity clauses in our terms and conditions 
Our Gallery is set in a busy tourist destination with an average of 200 visitors per week, our weekends are crazy with markets and restaurants attracting visitors from all over the world who love to take home a beautiful Australian handmade reminder of their holiday.

We love how creative and bespoke our fellow Australian artists, designers and makers are, that’s why having all crafts in our gallery is so important to us.

Markets give you 1 day to make an impression (and buyers are generally looking for bargains). We believe handcrafted deserves to be in the public eye constantly, selling for what they are worth, you set the price and that’s what our customers pay.

Our glass shelf and glass cube displays will suit designers creating: Jewellery, ceramics, textiles (no clothing), soaps, small artworks, leather goods, glass art, wood work, candles etc.

Take the next step and apply now. 

All your information will be kept private, we do not share information.