Keep calm and sell like crazy…

Looking to increase sales and make your brand known?

Our location, has over 25 years of history as an established Art Gallery property. We are a prime tourist destination and average over 250 people visiting the gallery every week. Manly Harbour Village is a destination that hosts a lot of visitors from locals to overseas tourists.

The most common question our customers ask…”Is it Australian handcrafted and unique?”

Our response…”Absolutely!”

We love how creative and bespoke our fellow Australian artists and designers are, that’s why having all crafts in our gallery is so important to us.

Each designer is asked to pay an exhibiting fee of $50 inclusive of $4.54 GST per month in advance and 30% commission will be taken on sales.

Socially, digitally and having your work physically in the gallery, you will be promoted and given a wider audience.

Markets give you 1 day to make an impression (and buyers are generally looking for bargains). We believe handcrafted deserves to be in the public eye constantly, selling for what they are worth, you set the price and that’s what our customers pay.

You have everything to gain, no lock in contracts, 24/7 representation, social promotions, digital presence, crazy sales and a beautiful gallery representing you, an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss.

Our glass shelf and glass cube displays will suit designers creating: Jewellery, ceramics, textiles (no clothing), soaps, small artworks, leather goods, glass art, wood work, candles etc.

Take the next step and apply now. 

All your information will be kept private, we do not share information.